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Calculation Routines Supporting the use of   Diesel Fuel Cetane Improver

2-ethyl hexyl nitrate.

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Request file:  CetaneLP.xlsm

Linear programme models are an important part of the scheduling and blend optimisation process.  The calculations are too complex to optimise manually and spreadsheets backed up with optimisation routines are in general use.  Adding Cetane Improver to a schedule changes the optimum blend formulations and depending on current economics and product demands, can be an essential blending component.   

The additional boost of up to 5 cetane numbers makes possible the sourcing of potentially lower cost higher density feeds and inclusion of higher levels of cracked components such FCU Light Cycle Oils. The diesel pool can also be broadened with lower boiling range kerosenes to increase overall yields and blend profitability given the correct cost drivers in the market.

The Excel download above, CetaneLP.xlsm includes a Solver routine to optimise blend schedules to a profit objective. The main blend specifications are estimated with blending indices and constraints placed on the blend formulations for the predicted analysis to be within the blend specification.  Several blends can be made from a series of components.  Cetane improver  can be added to the calculation and the formulations recalculated to the optimum profit.  

The CetaneLP.xlsm is set-up with an example scenario and macro to increment cetane improver and check the increase in schedule profit.  Support is provided to help use and set-up the Solver add in for this routine: e-mail support@cetane.eu.